If you wanna over Zen’s Casual Facts and see Good Ending you ought to select the solutions one to a striking
If you wanna over Zen’s Casual Facts and see Good Ending you ought to select the solutions one to a striking
If you wanna over Zen's Casual Facts and see Good Ending you ought to select the solutions one to a striking

To get a superstar

I understood he could be feel prime just like the my son.(*Zen) Allow me to select his shows live one-day. (Zen + Jaehee)

In my opinion you care way too much about Zen. (*Zen + Jaheee Crack) I hope everything happens well for Zen. I am completely help him. (Jaehee + Zen)

Master out of selling

Thus, a burger is finished when the lettuce, meat, and sauce come together and dance. (707) I have no idea what you're saying. (<<)

Should not Zen attract much more about work even though? (*Zen) He could be good-looking, however, he or she is even fit... So unbelievable. (Zen + Alt Alternatives)

Good-looking me personally

You have natural talent and amazing looks... and plus you try hard. You'll succeed for sure. (<<) So what if you're good looking? You don't even have a girlfriend.

In my opinion the guy simply meant you should prevent bragging. (*Zen) Will you be really popping in often to speak with me personally? (Zen)

Worth of charm

I believe Zen is best star. They are good-looking and then he even performs tough. (Zen) Zen is a bit... excess. (*Jumin) I believe Zen is really handsome. The guy have to be out-of various other globe. (Zen)

I don't think he's one to good looking. (Zen) There is no doubt regarding the proven fact that his looks end up in jealousy. (Zen) I'm alarmed others may want Zen for themselves.(*Zen)

However, I love visual appearance. Even when that's not what you. (Zen) I think money is more vital than simply beauty. (*Jumin + Zen)

Jumin, that you do not including ladies? (*Yoosung) Anyways, Zen is best on the exterior and on the within. Thus is not the guy best? (Zen)

I don't thought Zen was dumb anyway! (Zen) I really don't like those who flaunt possibly. (*Jumin) Zen's not only glamorous on the exterior, and so i try not to care and attention. (Zen)

Don't you have to go to work now? (<<) I'd like to see more photos of you, Jumin... (*Jumin + Alt Selection)

Got the brand new character!

You are not going to show-off once again, are you currently? (Zen + Alt Options 2) You then become a beneficial conversing with me, best? ^^ (*. ) As to why, performed one thing an effective happens?! (Zen)

...I'm alarmed she could strike you. (*Zen) I'm a while envious but I hope everything you goes better to own you! (Zen)

Definitely! All the best! (Zen) You get to act which have a high profile now... You won't value myself any longer. (*Zen)

Mirror lady? OMG

I feel like you're making a big fuss... I won't be happy with just an autograph. I want his everything! >.< (*Zen) I should get his autograph too ^^ (Zen)

Jumin's offer

Don't you consider it’s an awful idea to possess Zen doing an explore a singer...? (*Zen + Jumin) Do you learn about Zen's the brand new part? Compliment your

Zen's autograph was invaluable... ^^ (Zen) I believe everybody's and make an excessive amount of a fuss. (*Zen) Is Echo Woman one to greatest? Zen should be excellent... (Zen)

. I'm alarmed Mirror Lady will have thoughts to own Zen. (*Zen) Might you consider she will help Zen get more well-known? (Zen)

I think Jumin may be severe for the Zen. (Zen) I do believe Jaehee was striking on the Zen extreme...;; (*)

You have the Zen market a thing that he'd eg...;; A cat food commercial? (*Zen) I believe which is wise. He should grab all options he gets. I do not consider Zen will cherish you to... (Zen)

You appear to enjoy pets, Eight. (707) Maybe for people who dress up since the Jaehee, they're going to allow you to in? (707) You should most cherish their pet, Jumin.


Zen, I am here. New cat eating industrial... Have you been tend to to get it done? (*Zen) What's happening having Jaehee!? (Zen)

Very very terrible out of him to wreck havoc on you!! (Zen) I believe it’s an excellent suggestion. You will want to consider it. You will want to get most of the opportunity you have made. (*Zen) You should never carry it so adversely

Just be sure to prevent your, Jaehee lolol (Zen) If it's to the company then i guess you'll find nothing your perform. (*Zen + Jumin)

I believe Zen doesn't want for the task private factors. (Zen) He is a professional, so he'd have said yes in the event the he may. (*Zen)

I do not consider they matters whom Zen acts having provided that because they're skilled. (Zen) Really don't really think it is preferable sometimes. Undertaking Jumin's commercial might possibly be significantly more of use. (*Zen)

I am simply doing the things i feel just like. Thanks for providing it like that. (*Zen) Jaehee, it appears as if you are envious. (Zen)

Thank you for worrying about Zen, Jaehee. However, we'll handle it for the our own. (Zen+Jaehee) I really don't envision you trust in me, Jaehee. (*Zen)

I will include the nation

Alternatives step one I do want to sneak a glimpse Zen working out. (Zen) I do not believe Jaehee enjoys me personally. Hiya, Yoosung. (*Yoosung)

I'm sure blackcupid profile examples you both try really hard but the result.... (Yoosung) Why don't you try something more constructive than playing games? haha (<<)

That would be true getting Zen, however, Really don't getting some thing. (*Zen) I favor one Zen is really nice in my opinion ^^ (Zen)

Jaehee's simply being envious from myself. (Zen) In my opinion Jaehee might be cautious away from me as the the woman is their enthusiast. I understand she setting no harm. (Zen)

Zen compared to Jumin

Zen... you love to drink? You will want to is drinking smaller for your body? (*Zen) Everything is forgiven if you have appearance, which does not matter. hahah (Zen) I do not like one images.

I don't think Zen is quite top-notch. (*Zen + Jumin) In the event that Zen states he does not like it, the guy cannot enjoy it

You’re proper, but why don't you thought his sensitivity a little more? ^^ (Zen) Really don't envision Zen has anything to eliminate because of the maybe not delivering your opportunity, Jumin. (Zen) I believe Zen's ego is a significant disease. (*Zen)

Jumin... you happen to be really confident hahah Isn't that the fresh attitude you will want to take if you want to cast an effective actor? (Zen) I do believe Zen cannot deserve become employed that have a personality this way. (*Zen+Jumin)

I am unofficially out of kitties

Jumin and you will Zen... Isn't really here anyhow to enable them to get on? (Zen) I do believe Zen is being some time mental (*Zen) Who may have front will you bring? I know you'll end up with the Zen's side of course. (Zen)

Upcoming fundamentally you're on Jumin's top! lolol (*Zen) I am variety of tired of these are kitties... Must not you feel cheering getting Zen? (Zen)

I do not like that Jumin have fooling which have Zen He is sensitive... (Zen) Zen's an event pooper and so i question it. (*Zen)

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